Inspired by the Southern California beach town she grew up in, model, actress, feminist, and designer Emily Ratajkowski brings you INAMORATA WOMAN--a collection rife with easy, body-conscious essentials for the unexpected nature of the city.

From the perfect crop top to the must-have LBD, Emily and her best friend, fashion world vet Kat Mendenhall, dreamed up all the cool, streamlined pieces you can wear to the corner bodega and everywhere else in between. Rejecting the tired old myths about body image, INAMORATA WOMAN embraces the full spectrum of the female form--and makes her look damn good in the process.

But who better to explain it than the masterminds behind the brand themselves?...


E: Hey buddy

K: Hi. (laughs)

E: Let’s talk.

K: Let’s start with high school. Encinitas.

E: Yes! We both went to SDA. We grew up together in Encinitas, CA. It’s like the last real beach town in California. What people think of as “‘70s Malibu” still really exists in Encinitas. Everything basically revolves around the 101 and the beach.

K: So how did growing up in Encinitas impact you and what you wanted for Inamorata?

E: I think one thing about the lifestyle we grew up with is in the summer you wake up and you don’t put on an outfit--you put on your swimsuit and you immediately go get supplies for a day at the beach. You end up spending twelve hours in your bathing suit; you go get burritos in your bathing suit. 

K: One hundred percent.

E: I think it makes girls who grow up doing that develop this insane body confidence. You don’t even think about it.

K: I remember when we were driving around we didn’t have extra outfits in the car, we had extra bathing suits. It was our uniform. We were so lucky to have the experience of seeing girls of all shapes and sizes walking around, shamelessly, in their Brazilian cut bottoms on D Street.

E: Yeah, that was so huge for me. A lot of people are like, “Oh, you want to wear these sexy bathing suits? Easy for you.” But from my standpoint, from how we grew up, all different body types were beautiful. No one was questioning how naked they were. It was just all natural, fun. We were more worried about having different styles to wear throughout the summer than we were aware of how naked we were. (laughs)

K: Carrying that mentality with us, we are two beach-loving girls who found themselves in New York, experiencing all kinds of seasons. Which we have fully embraced! (laughs)

E: Yeah. It’s about applying that same attitude to our lifestyles when we’re in New York. I think the Inamorata woman is the woman who will wear a bra top out to walk her dog and not even think about it. She is confident and doesn’t care what anyone thinks.

K: Um, yeah done it! (laughs) It’s been so cool to see so many different women interpret that attitude and make it their own. I’m so excited to see how Inamorata women do that with our Body collection.

E: Yeah, it is that beach attitude taken to the city. It’s not about the body--it’s about the confidence, it’s about self-love. These are pieces that are for you. Listen, if you never wear your underwear around anyone else, it doesn’t matter. It’s about how it makes you feel.